Friday, June 10, 2016

Introducing an improvement on the services provided from our Device Support teams.

The project was known as IKEA: At the Elbow support improvements. Now, DSA's have a new way of performing their work using new roles and defined competencies.

We are introducing the roles of Dispatcher, Field Agent, and Depot Technician, initially at MedCampus.

  • Dispatcher is a rotating role that allows better communication between service teams, and to coordinate a response to issues such as work stoppages.
  • Field Agents truly the definition of "At the elbow" support. Our Field Agents build relationships with the end users, and are out in the field most of their time, efficiently resolving issues. Dispatcher to Field Agent communications are key to the success of this role.
  • Depot Technicians are the behind-the-scenes team that builds devices, backs up data, and process tickets to enable consistent performance and reliability.

The key to improvements in Ikea were to develop a set of core competencies that defined skills across all roles and teams for DSA's. These competencies set expectations and provided a path for development and growth. Quarterly reviews are combined with annual goals and measurement to help prompt growth. Out of these competencies and efforts came the DSA Handbook which will provide consistency and a source of information for all teams moving forward.

What's Next?

DSA teams are still adjusting to his new work flow, and the initial effort will be monitored so that we can learn and adjust as we go, while challenging our assumptions. We are also working with MCIT teams to understand how their DSA work flows, too. We would like to expand to the NCRC and utilize the model for the remaining DSA teams, carefully considering the right way to learn and grow.

Some recent examples of success using this new model have shown promise. In one case, a Field Agent was in Brehm, when the Dispatcher was able to reach out, and route work directly over, thus improving the end user's experience in an efficient manner.

We wanted to thank all those who had involvement in developing Project Ikea from the inception to fruition.  Special thanks to Tom Biancalana for insights into the MCIT DSA roles and definitions, and to Mike Yockey for his efforts providing guidance and feedback on the competencies.  Finally, this could not have been possible without support and leadership of Bon Thomas, Jonathan Komorowski, and JD Jordan's tireless efforts to bring these improvements to the DSA teams.  Thank you.


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